Sarah Resort - Fortis Group

Sarah Resort - Fortis Group

Housekeeping Coordinator (Female)

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  • 19 February, 2019
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  • Hospitality/ Travel/ Tourism

Job Description:

Job Context
  • The Housekeeping Coordinator responds to guest requests. He/She must be well versed on the Resort`s products and services, so he/she can serve guests well.
  • He/She arranges and assists in daily housekeeping operations and requirements. He/She needs to secure maintenance of all room keys and auxiliary locks.
  • He/She is responsible for making sure the cleaning tasks are carried out well.
  • He/She does administrative duties.
  • He/She prepares paperwork such as drafting budget reports, maintaining staff records, assigning cleaning tasks and taking inventories.
  • He/She converses well with external and external guests.
  • This position requires a high level of guest phone contact.

Job Responsibilities
  • Aid customer service over various platforms.
  • Carry out operations for service excellence.
  • Communicate and relate well at the workplace.
  • Develop personal effectiveness at operations level.
  • Handle basic administrative duties.
  • Meet service challenges.
  • Provide related housekeeping services.
  • Solve problems and make decisions at an operations level.
  • Take care of guest concerns.
  • Use basic functions of a computer.
  • Work in teams.

Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in any discipline

Additional Requirements:

  • At least 1 year(s)
  • Only females are allowed to apply

Other Benifits:

  • Performance bonus
  • Salary Review: Yearly
  • Full Meals
  • Accommodation

Additional Info:

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Sarah Resort - Fortis Group

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