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Shah sher ali company is a multidisciplinary performer company, it has established in 1999 with an intention to bring infrastructure development in rural area as well as in developing urban areas. Shah sher ali company has been playing a significant role in the country and capable of undertaking large volume of land development works, sand filling including civil works, small category ship builders, operating CNG & filling station, Restaurant,& Dairy Firm etc. We believe in delivering high standard facility and service in every sector of our company. The company have been the founding stone concept of our company . The company have been performing country wide land development activities, Sand Filling Project, Materials Supply, Construction of Government & Non-Government Buildings & Road Construction for economic growth by completing the following famous project such as ;

Mission & Vission:

To build a long-term relationship with the nation by developing multi-disciplinary solution in different perspective of business such as quality construction & better service, updated engineering solution, employing best resources and latest techniques.

Values of the Company:
Committed on timing start & conclusion
Uncompromising in Quality
Priority in Honesty, Morality & authenticity

Our Vision is to play a vital role to build a national economic by completing different developing project in different arena. We started with our faith of honesty, dignity & industry to build a great company. That will achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, a great place to work, a trusted provider of exceptional quality service which produce the company a composed of dedication and accomplished with professionals.

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Shah Sher Ali Group

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