Terms & Conditions

User Agreement

This User Agreement describes the terms and conditions which you accept by using our Website or our Services. We have incorporated by reference some linked information.

General Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Online Service “HireBangladeshi”

The General Terms and Conditions set out below are applicable for the use of the online service HireBangladeshi, which functions as a venue to connect recruiters and job seekers in a virtual marketplace. As a neutral facilitator, HireBangladeshi is not directly involved.

HireBangladeshi is a "free of cost" online job marketplace for both recruiters & job seekers. the marketplace is not responsible for the pieces of information from any individual. The recruiter/job seeker have to figure out about each other essential details.

HireBangladeshi will not be responsible for any oversight of information on this marketplace. That's the liability of the user to double check the information on the platform. Hire Bangladeshi does not give surety of information provided to it by any person displayed on the website.

Contracting Parties and Scope of Validity

  • 1. By giving a contract statement (offer or acceptance) and by using the services of HireBangladeshi, the User irrevocably accepts the applicability of these General Terms. These terms and conditions are applicable exclusively; any conditions of the User contradicting, deviating or supplementing these shall not apply.
  • 2. These General Terms apply to all services supplied by HireBangladeshi and in particular do not depend on whether the User exchange occurs through the platform https://hirebangladeshi.com/


  • 1. Online services of HireBangladeshi can be used by visiting https://hirebangladeshi.com/
  • 2. Users have to register before using the online services of HireBangladeshi. Registration is accomplished by opening a user access containing the agreement to these General Terms. Registration requires basic data of the applicant (username/e-mail address, password) and can be completed by any adult natural or legal person, by personal communities and public bodies. A user account may exclusively be accessed by the user to whom the account has been created for at registration. The user account is non-transferable. Through activation of the personal user account, the parties enter into a service contract.
  • 3. The User must immediately change his/her password when it is lost or when he/she has reason to believe that a third party knows the password.
  • 4. Users can log in directly by input of email/username and password. Login allows access to the services of HireBangladeshi.
  • 5. There is no claim to successful registration or to later conclusion of a service contract.

Scope of Use

All registered Users are allowed to use functionalities of HireBangladeshi to the extent as the service is currently technically available.