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We are revolutionaries! We reinvented the hostel and redefined the hostel life! This revolutionary hostel mode influencing will not only just limit to the people’s living but also has profound impact on the transportation, education, social, employment and many other fields. High-quality modern life always belongs to very few rich people. We invent a revolutionary solution through the innovation, advanced technology, great and unique design, strong cost controlling that makes urban life standard bringing you 30 years ahead. We call it City 3.0 as we define original agricultural societies as City 1.0 & industrialized societies as City 2. Our service pushes the urban infrastructure shared model into a more intensive and efficient stage. This City 3.0 revolutionary will come more rapidly in developing countries. From this view we launched Super Hostel to serve the people of Bangladesh in safer, cheaper & luxurious way.

Mission & Vission:

Super Hostel have a great mission to solve the big problems of the society. Now, the company is working on “Super Hostel BD” project to solve the bachelor living problem in Dhaka City. We are the pioneer to come up with this amazing idea to solve the bachelor living problem. We are the one and only company who take the initiative to solve the bachelor living problem is an efficient and smart way. Our mission is to increase the value of our product and minimize the cost for the bachelor to survive in this one of the most expensive city.
Super Hostel has a great vision. To reach the 100% efficiency of a product by utilizing it in a multi-functional ways.
Super Hostel wants to work for the society to solve the problem. Our recent target is 100 branch in Dhaka City. By establishing this 100 branch, we might solve three major problems for example: the traffic problem, bachelor living problem and employment opportunity problems.


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Neways International Company Limited

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