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Outpace Spinning Mills Limited launched in the year 2009 with an aim to continue the tradition of standards, leadership, quality and novelty for the textile industry in Bangladesh. Our sponsors, many of whom are acknowledged experts, collectively possess a great potential for ideas, knowledge and ability to set the benchmarks for the trading of cotton yarns. We assure a level of quality that is a standard across global markets. We strive to emerge as a highly flexible and efficient company, maintaining our position as a respected and trusted partner to the industry. The principal activities and operations of the Company are the production and sale of cotton yarn with an emphasis on the production of 100 % cotton combed & carded yarn.
 We have been in the apparel sector for the last 14 years. With substantial experience and  a core knowledge of the textile industry, we are able to cope with the rapidly changing scenario and meet customers’ demands  promptly. Moreover, Outpace Spinning Mills Limited adheres to a "triple bottom line" philosophy; first, we respect the human rights of the employees; secondly, we care about the environmental impact of the Company's operations and finally we maintain accountability for our customers’ needs.
 To cope with the pace in harmony of modern textile world, Outpace Spinning Mills Limited is equipped with the world’s state of the art machinery and technology. Our machines have been imported from Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Japan under the brand names of Rieter, Toyota FL-200, Savio Polar, Texparts, Uster and so on, which allow us to produce high quality cotton yarns with a capacity of 17 tons per day. 
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