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More than a century of experience, honesty, integrity and an inclination towards innovation and the future- these are the drivers that combined to create what Anwar Group is today.
The magnificent heritage of Anwar Group of industries saw its beginnings with my Grandfather Late Lakku Mia in 1834. The industrial foundation stretches back almost nine decades, when Late Rahim Buksh, my Father, set up an ivory button & comb manufacturing plant in Dhaka. Anwar group took its first step towards creating its core of excellence and sophistication in the early sixties through the privilege of setting up and operating a silk textile unit. Since then, the Group has come a long way towards diversifying its operations into seven major industrial and business sectors, as it quickly grew up to become an important contributor of Bangladesh’s economy. Mala Sarees and Manwar Cutleries are two of the products among others that brought the Group major success and both domestic and international brand recognition.
Anwar Group, with its zeal for innovation and foresight, has distinguished itself by being the first electrical cable, polyester fabrics, PTFE tape, Upvc fittings, and super enamel copper wire manufacturer in the country. Furthermore, we bear the humble honor of being the promoters of the first Private Sector Commercial Bank of Bangladesh. By the Grace of the Almighty Allah, the Group began to assume its shape of brilliance and consistent innovation through sincere dedication towards delivering world-class products and services, becoming one of the select few leaders in this country and is now well poised to make its mark in the global arena.
As we play a pivotal role in the national economy of our country, I believe it is of utmost importance that we, as a Group, conduct our practices in adherence to the most ethical standards and with paramount honesty. Moreover, it is equally important that we bear in mind the value of each citizen of the country and implementing a nation-wide commitment to advancing this objective by providing work for them so as to promote national growth.
Here at Anwar Group, we stand proud of our century-old legacy that accounts for it being one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh with numerous industrial units and several trading and service sector units. With Anwar Group, I envision our products and services to have touched every Bangladeshi’s life by 2020, in one way or another, in small scale or large. By 2020, we would also like to have provide at least 20,000 people with employment with the company. I hope Anwar Group ever-continues in its pursuit of innovation and deliverance of premium quality products and services, and keep the glorious name of Anwar Group of Industries alive.
May Allah bless us all.
Anwar Hossain

Mission & Vission:

To remain as the most diversified group in Bangladesh, to be able to respond to customer need
2. Continuously presenting the country with new products, services and export markets
3. Be environment friendly and meet social responsibilities
4. Remaining as the quality leaders in every industry it takes interest in
5. Continuously investing in HR, processes and technology
6. Developing people
7. Providing the work force a professional & enabling work environment



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