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Fanfare Global brings users/content creators, brands and consumers together on a unique video-shopping platform, the Fanfare App. This is the only App in the world where brands can directly curate and convert User-Generated Content (UGC) into point-of-sales shoppable videos. A brand can add products for sale and link the video to its own eStore or preferred eCommerce site. By clicking on these user-generated shoppable videos, consumers can do online shopping over multiple eCommerce marketplaces, without exiting the App. The content creators are equitably and systematically rewarded. The App also uses data analytics to provide brands with insights on consumer preferences enabling them to stay connected.

Mission & Vission:

Fanfare Charity gives back to the community by creating a Social Commerce Philanthropic Portal where merchants and service providers can donate items or contribute free services to benefit over 80 Philanthropic Development Offices (PDOs) and charity organisations. Established in partnership with Philippine-based Spring Rain Foundation, the portal ensures sustainability and accountability, while stretching the donor dollar value and reducing donor fatigue.

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Fanfare Global

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