e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) is devoted to the development of the Bangladeshi e-Commerce sector.
e-Commerce has been in Bangladesh since the late 90s. Initially, it observed slow growth but in the last five years, there has been a major rise in the popularity of e-Commerce. It would become a billion-dollar industry in the next five years creating jobs for thousands of people. The e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) has been created to improve the e-Commerce sector of Bangladesh. There are currently around 500 websites and 2000 Facebook companies.
e-Commerce is not an isolated sector but related to banking, mobile network, courier, etc. In order to ensure the growth of the e-Commerce sector, e-CAB will focus on- online shop and e-Service, e-Payment and transaction, e-Security, e-Commerce policy and guidelines, service delivery, e-Commerce awareness and training, Product quality improvement, and research.
However, there are many problems that need to be addressed for e-Commerce to reach its full potential.
e-CAB has been created to address the existing problems of e-Commerce to ensure its growth. E-CAB aims to serve as a common platform for companies involved in the Bangladeshi e-commerce industry. e-CAB will serve as their voice. In addition, e-CAB will undertake different activities including research, publication, training, workshop, seminars, etc., for the improvement of thee-

Mission & Vission:

  • To provide a common platform for discussing and exchanging views on business conditions and issues, both domestic and international, affecting companies or organizations involved with E-commerce or online marketplaces through which trade is facilitated or commenced.
  • To facilitate a higher success rate for member companies in mastering the industry challenges by sharing experiences, network resources, best practices, and approaches to special situations.
  • To act as a unifying body projecting and informing the views and statements of the e-commerce industry in Bangladesh to the local and international stakeholders (Government, Trade bodies, Financial Institutions, Media, Industry Workforce, etc), especially for business-critical issues and policy agendas.
  • To project the positive and encouraging facts of E-commerce in Bangladesh to potential investors and entrepreneurs so as to facilitate and inspire faster growth of the Industry.
  • To analyze the national and international policies and priorities guiding E-commerce and other connected services, and their possible impact on the member companies, and engage in policy advocacy supporting the interest of the members and the nation.
  • To take action for the preservation of rights and interest especially, of the members of the organization and generally for the development of the business services who are related to E-Commerce business, nationally and internationally. To take all steps to support, protest, and prevent constitutionally all governmental laws or proceedings imposed against any member of the association. The trade organization shall discharge its activities considering the state policy and overall public interest and also it shall not arrange to participate or support any activities is contrary to the regulations of the state and subversive to the social peace & tranquility.
  • To make equal distribution of all the available facilities from the association and government and non-government heads among the members of the association. To help all the members of the association, who belong to the Legal rights of the E-Commerce Business of the country. To take all steps and efforts to remove any obstacle faced by any member of the association. To ensure the aims and objectives of the association form up branches of the association in time to time and in proper places according to their needs.
  • To promote and become members and for the association of all national and international organizations and bodies directly or indirectly related to E-Commerce supports Business in Bangladesh. Ensure direct or indirect participation for improvement of national sensation, education, and culture and development of prosperity and make them related to complete national development. Receive assistance from National/ International authority/ Government / Non-government organizations who are rendering voluntary service.
  • To establish and promote contracts with foreign countries and international or foreign organizations and Develop relations with them in order to change business. To perfect Develop support and promote all measures and steps toward capacity building for E-commerce Business owners in E-Banking and Mobile Banking. To take action Preservation and Interest especially, to the members of the organization and generally for the Development the Business of E-commerce Business in Bangladesh.
  • To receive assistance from National / International authority / Government / Non-government organizations who are rendering voluntary service. Too Informed to the related authority of a government for submission. Too Informed to related authority government for submission problem of E-commerce in the context of Bangladesh and abroad.
  • Take all steps to support, protest, and prevent constitutionally all governmental laws or proceedings imposed against any member of the association. To promote and maintain the highest standard or unity and cooperation among members of the association in the conduct of business carried on by them.
  • To collect maintain, distribute or supply all data statistics and other information necessary for the Email promotion and advancement of business of E-Commerce through letters, circulars, periodicals or through the press and other publicity media and to obtain or develop information books, brochures, visual aids, and education items for members and to distribute them on a pro-data, on profit on loss basis.



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