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Guardian Life Insurance Limited is the fastest growing life insurance company in the country. Its main sponsors are Apex, BRAC, and Square and other reputed local and foreign investors. Guardian Life Insurance Limited is committed to the same high values, standards and culture as espoused by our sponsors. Guardian Life Insurance Limited has a vision to bring about a positive change & trust in the life insurance business, through product and process improvement, operational efficiency, excellent service and customer focus. At the end of 5-years of its operation, Guardian Life has achieved following market position in the country:

* Achieved Insurance Asian Awards 2017 in the category of Best Insurance Product of the Year, Bangladesh and 2018 proud winner of 03 Awards.
* 3rd largest group insurance service provider and with lowest management expenses.
* Highest premium earner among the 4th generation life insurance companies.
* Highest growth rate for last two consecutive years.

Guardian Life Insurance Limited is seeking highly motivated and talented individuals who have integrity, the relevant experience and a positive attitude to help us bring about the desired change in the Life Insurance industry.

Mission & Vission:

  • To provide our valuable customers with a proactive insurance plans with the finest quality at the most competent prices possible.
  • To build long term relationships with our significant policy holders by providing maximum health benefits and proper risk management.
  • To help our customers make the best decisions for their life changing decisions.
The Guardian Life team ensures to perform their duties with the highest level of integrity and professionalism by maintaining an uncompromised devotion to our values bringing our customers, their families and communities a better future.

To ensure a protected and safe future by providing world class insurance benefits and customer services.

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Guardian Life Insurance Limited

Siddique Tower (09th to 12th Floor), 49 Mohakhali C/A, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212.

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