JARA Groups have it's vision on Technology, Consultancy Service & Supply Management.
  • Following are the direct business concern that contributing to the country
  1. NGEN IT : Established in 2009, working dedicatedly with Software licensing solution, system integration for small to enterprise business. Goverment sector is one of the key job scope for NGEN. Currently having 45+ partners in 4 countries alongwith 150+ direct or indiect clients. NGEN IT also working as Software Diastributor with world's 10 Principals.
  2. JARA IT : Established to aim Software Development for the country & group's internal requirements of desktop & web platform. IT has a very skilled people of developer, system analyst, programmer, QA, Testers. The team developed a good number of ecommerce platform & other softwares.
  3. JARA Consumers: It has been established in 2010, Started with the production of Tissue soap and then it has increased as 2nd product- Sanitary Napkin. The factory situated in Barisal and contributing in a certain region.
  4. JARA Traders : This company established for Trading business like Office supply, Import/ Export business. In 2014 it has started it's journey and doing great day by day.
  5. Consultant House : A great platform for the skilled professionals for consultancy & ofcourse who needs skilled people for their high-end requirements to accomplish.

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