Security Specialist, Security Risk Management (Contractual)

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  • 28 September, 2021
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  • Mid level job
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Job Description:

  • Manage overall security of BRAC through optimum use of resources and also supervise and support responsibilities of security managers.
  • To maintain liaison with law enforcement and security agencies. Ensure all security equipment and security technologies are properly utilized and updated. Personnel and financial management of the unit.
  • Take measures to ensure the security of senior members of the management including high-profile visitors.
  • To deploy, monitor, and control armed Ansar guards at various locations of BRAC.
  • To provide security of any major program or event of BRAC Head Office (when asked) and coordinate deployment of security guards to other BRAC entities and subsidiaries, oversee and advise security operation of ARONG as and when required.
  • Make proper utilization of security control center (SCC)/ global security operations center (GSOC) and manage security incidents systematically and efficiently.
  • Support BRAC International and special projects like HCMP in terms of security. Coordination with reception desk and efficient management of BRAC ID cards.
  • Conduct security risk assessment at the organizational level and unit level to ensure the standard of security in the organization. Ensure Investigation of security-related incidents and breaches.
  • Support field offices to maintain security and safety of personnel and assets. Coordinate and manage firefighting and other safety arrangements as necessary.
  • Analysis of security incidents of BRAC and of country context to produce reports periodically and circulate security alerts to general staff to protect people and assets of the organization.
  • Practice, promote, and act as a key source of support, guidance, and expertise on safeguarding for establishing a safe working environment.
  • Perform any other job from time to time as assigned by the management.

Educational Requirements:

  • Master degree in any discipline from any reputed university with minimum second class in all exams/CGPA 2.5 and above or equivalent. Candidates having security studies degree/ diploma/ internationally recognized professional certification will be given preference.

Additional Requirements:

  • Minimum 5 years of active service in security management as a manager in an organization including police/ military.
  • Security management and incident management
  • Investigation of incidents
  • Legal procedures to handle security incidents
  • General knowledge about BRAC programs and ongoing major projects
  • Knowledge of latest security equipment and technologies
  • Training skills to conduct internal training
  • Handling of crisis situation and coordination with multidisciplinary organs
  • Working in a stressful situation
  • Quick decision making and fair judgment
  • Leadership qualities
  • Respect for diversity

Other Benifits:

  • Festival Bonus, Health & Life Insurance, and others as per policy.

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